Our Services for Corporate Legal Departments

The demands placed on corporate legal departments have increased significantly while resources have remained constrained and individuals are constantly expected to do “more with less”.  Legal departments are now expected to meet the same business and operational requirements placed on all other corporate departments including strategic planning, goal setting, metrics development, program management, strict budget controls, process improvement and operational excellence.  We are able to play a key role in the delivery of these requirements as well as significantly increase the value and predictability received from outside counsel without disrupting existing relationships.


  • Reduction in total outside counsel spend by 20% or more while substantially increasing budget predictability
  • Substantial reduction in time spent by corporate attorneys on process/operational issues and day to day management of outside counsel relationships to instead focus on the substantive legal issues facing the corporation
  • Development and implementation of a department strategic plan (and metrics) designed to support corporate goals

Areas of Focus:

Outside Counsel Relationship Management

  • Review and development of Outside Counsel Guidelines
  • Review vendor arrangements with recommendations for value enhancements and improved predictability
  • Matter management tools and processes for litigation and large transactions
  • Sourcing of new high-value outside counsel talent for specific legal practice areas, matter types or local jurisdiction

Value Based Pricing and Alternative Fees

  • Development and implementation of an effective value-based alternative fee arrangement program
  • Department training on alternative fee models and individual coaching by practice area or matter type
  • Development of alternative and hourly fee expectations for outside counsel by matter type

Legal Operations

  • Technology solutions evaluation and implementation
  • Strategic planning; metrics and report development
  • Process/procedure analysis and improvement
  • Strategic planning, program/initiative development and execution